Ciao Bloggies!!

I’m back from Italy!! I have to say it’s a weird feeling to be back in the USA, it’s a totally different world over there! While I was away I definitely have to say there were soooo many things I missed while I was gone. To start off, I obviously missed my friends and family but since this is a food blog I think I’ll just get to the point 😉

1) Oatmeal ….. In Rome it doesn’t exist. When I realized this I made my mom send me some over haha. This is because Italians aren’t really breakfast people (I know, it’s a sin). I guess this is because they eat massive 5 course dinners!

2) Peanut butter ….. this is also extremely hard to find over there. This is because as we Americans love PB, Italians love Nutella (trust me I love Nutella too)! They did have peanut butter in the international section of the grocery store, but it tasted awful! Nothing like my Justin’s nut butters =(

3) Hummus …. They also had this in the international section but it wasn’t even refrigerated… which was the first bad sign. Then I tried it, also tasted horrible. THEN the next morning I woke up incredibly nauseous … ENOUGH SAID!

4) Veggie Burgers ….. I could only find one type throughout the entire city and it tasted like a hockey puck! Apparently there aren’t a lot of vegetarians in Italy!! When I was buying these everyone was staring at me and giving me dirty looks (Although Italy is known for staring, its awful and very uncomfortable).

5) Anything Kashi …… I live by Kashi. If I could work for any company in the entire world, it would be Kashi! I have probably tried every single one of their products. There cereals and granola bars are amazing!! Speaking of granola bars, Italy only had special k =( and I’m certainly not a special K fan (It might be low calorie, but it has no fiber or any of that good stuff!).

6) Pickles ….. It’s an addiction! I can literally go through a jar a day. They did have pickles over there, but they were very tiny and tasted very different.

7) Wraps ….. Italians just eat bread. I can’t really blame them though, while I was there I’ve never seen so many different types of bread. AND THEY WERE ALL SOOOO GOOD!!!

8) Middle Eastern Food …. just in general! I love my pita, hummus, tabboule, babaganoush, and the occasional falafel!

So can you guys guess what my first meal was when I got home?!

Middle eastern food with the biffles! (Clare)

Pita, Hummus, Tabboule, Olives, and a half eaten Falafel!

This restaurant is also a hookah place so we decided to treat ourselves. I’ve only done it once in my entire life but I thought Id give it a go forgetting that It was actually tobacco. We got the watermelon flavor!

Well that’s all I got for now! Its been a super busy week getting situated and used to my usual lifestyle. I’ll be back with more goodies soon =)


You don’t know what you got until it’s gone!! Have you ever been away for a short/long amount of time and realized you really miss something? What was it?!



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2 responses to “Ciao Bloggies!!

  1. Oh my gosh – your header picture looks SO yummy!

    Also – I adore middle eastern food. I could live off falafels and hummus!

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