Mamma Dukes

Happy mother’s day everyone!! I hope you all get to spend some good quality time with your families!

This is my mamma ….

and I wouldn’t be who I am today without her. She has taught me to be a strong, independent, woman that doesn’t let other people bring me down. She’s not only my mom, she’s one of my best friends. I can go to her for ANYTHING! So with this said, Mom, I love you with all my heart!!

Now on to the goodies!

Saturday I woke up to an awesome breakfast/ pre workout fuel.

French Meadow Bakery Hemp Seed Bagel with raspberry preserves

This was my first time trying these bagels and I loved them! Not only did they taste like a real, doughy bagel, they pack a powerful nutrition punch! 13g of fiber, 19g of protein, and 7g of healthy fats! I highly recommend trying this bagel, they have other varieties as well!!

After breakfast was inhaled, I went to my first pilates class back in the States. I go to this really small studio that I absolutely love called Longevity. I love it just because they are so personable. They email you the class schedules, they always know your name, the instructors text message you, and there is never more than 4 people per class. Getting back into the swing of it is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. Not going for 4 months definitely took a toll on my body. Time to regain the strength! I am definitely feeling the soreness today.

When I got home I ate this number for lunch.

La Tortilla Factory WW wrap with tuna, pickles, mustard, and veggies along side some greek yogurt.

(Sorry my wrap broke, too much filling!)

Before going to hang out with some of my friends that just came back from college that I haven’t seen since I left, I had a quick, dinner of Salmon, brown rice cranberry pilaf with a half a plate of broccoli! I always try to fill half my plate with vegetables, a quarter with a starch, and the other quarter of the plate with protein. Does anyone else do this?!

This definitely didn’t last me. By the time I got home I was hungry again so I had 2 kiwi’s and an unpictured apple.

I love when the summer season starts! Not only because I love warm weather, but because summer has so many seasonal fruits to pick from!

This weekend eventhough I am not a mom yet (Which is a good thing because I’m only turning 20), I certainly felt like one!

Meet my niece Elizabeth …

The 2.5 year old ball of CONSTANT energy/ Love of my life

My brother and my sister in law had a wedding to attend up in Syracuse NY this weekend so I had the responsibility to take care of her. I ofcourse ALWAYS spend a lot of time with my niece, but I never spent a full 48 hours with her without her parents around. I give mom’s and dad’s around the world a lot of credit! It’s a lot of work!! haha. So today for mothers day we’ll be going to Six Flags Wild Safari to show her all of the animals! I can’t wait! But first, we needed to have some breakfast.

This is what I had

Kashi Go Lean w/ skim milk and loads of Cinella!! (pronounced CHIN-ELLA, Italian for cinnamon)

Elizabeth on the otherhand refused to eat cereal, so she ate a Kashi blueberry waffle instead while watching our favorite movie of all time, FINDING NEMO!

After the Safari we’ll be dropping her off back at my brothers house and then were off to a nice Mother’s Day Dinner at my mom’s favorite restaurant called Sergio’s. Can you guess what kind of food it is? haha Italian ofcourse! I’m so sick of Italian food at this point, especially now that I know Italian food in the States isn’t anything like it is in Italy. It’s ok though, it’s my mom’s special day and she deserves it!!

I’ll post about it domani!! ( tomorrow)


Does anyone have any fun plans for Mother’s Day?!


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