All About Me

Heyyy everyone!!! My name is Stephanie and I’m a college student from NJ (Yes I’m Italian and I go to the Jersey Shore, but no I do not pump my fist, poof my hair, or wear flashy things) =). With this said, growing up in a very Italian household has made me develop a great appreciation for food… and lots of it!! I especially love carbs, carbs, carbs, ….oh and did I mention carbs? You can easily declare me a carboholic. But I also appreciate my health and well being, and try to exercise as much as possible!

Practically my entire life I was a competitive cheerleader. I went to practice 3 days a week, went to gymnastics another 2 days a week, and had competitions on weekends. I was EXTREMELY active and this kept me in awesome shape. Since I was so active, I basically ate whatever I wanted. Not a care in the world! Cake? Sure! Cookies? why not! Well my senior year of high school, right before my very last cheerleading competition, I broke my leg. This left me inactive for quite sometime. Because of my lack of knowledge in the nutrition department, I found myself struggling to keep fit.

In Orlando, Florida with my cheerleading team

This is when I decided to do some research! I remember actually reading a nutrition label on a healthy choice meal and saying…”What the HELL is a monounsaturated fat?!” I thought there was only 1 type of fat, and that FAT was not a good thing. I also had no idea what a whole grain was, no idea how to balance meals, and no idea about all the benefits that comes with healthy eating!!

From that instance I was hooked. I read as much as I could about nutrition and tried to incorporate what I learned into my diet. It’s a way for me to feel great about myself and healthy at the same time. Unfortunately, I have to remind myself often of this. God knows that I love my treats and goodies!! I maintained my “everything in moderation” lifestyle until about 5 months ago.

This is because I decided to do a semester abroad in Italy! Since I love my Italian heritage so much, I thought it would be an awesome experience that I would truly enjoy. Arriving in Italy, I was given an apartment with 8 OTHER GIRLS. Yes, there was 9 of us in one apartment, and it was certainly cosy! Well I have to admit I had the wrong mindset the entire trip. I threw my health out the door and lived La Dolce Vita for 4 whole months! Nutella crepes, gelato, brioches, oh my! Moderation? Wasn’t even in my vocabulary. It also became extremely hard for me because I got realllyyyy homesick! Yes I admit it, I’m a homebody. Since I commuted to school I never actually knew what it was like to be away from home for a long period of time. This drove me not to care about anything but getting the semester over with as fast as possible. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED Italy, and I was able to travel and see soooo many other places in Europe, but the lifestyle was just not for me.

My roommates and I walking down the Spanish Steps!

Ok no more sap story I promise!!! Heres a little bit more about myself. I was blessed with an amazing family that loves to have fun! My parents will find every little excuse to throw a party! I also have 2 older brothers and a best friend who I consider a sister. This is because she’s been my best friend since I was 4. Her name is Clare and you will learn very quickly that she is absolutely NUTS. You will likely be seeing a lot of her on here. I would just like to state that I am a very sociable person but compared to her, I’m shy. She makes me do things like this ……

I had to walk through a public mall in an elf’s outfit, get in line with a bunch of children, take a picture with Santa who literally laughed at us, and worst of all, this picture went on our annual Christmas card that got sent to 200 people!

She is truly an outrage and makes my life sooooo much more interesting!

Ok now that you guys know a little bit about who I am, I just want to let you know that this blog is to record my journey back to health and back to my happy weight post Italia. It’s also about maintaing my health for the long haul and enjoying every minute of it! It will keep track of all the great memories to come in the future!

I love my life and I’m truly grateful, it’s time to start treating it with the respect it deserves again!

(P.S) I’m so excited to be part of Blog world! Ahhhh!!!!


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